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BEREZA - January 19, 1838
BERKOVICH Yudel Yankelovich the treasurer (neiman) 60 Kahal  
ELMAN Zelman Niseliovich the community board 48 Kahal  
EYSHTEYN Ovsey Shmuylovich comm monitor(gabe) 58 Kahal  
GHELPERN Tsalko Ariovich the teacher 45 Kahal  
GHERSHGORN Movsha-Aron   the community board 31 Kahal  
IOLOP Lipa   the community board 42 Kahal  
KAPLAN Fishel   the rabbi 49 Kahal  
KILINSKY Shmuel Ioseliovich the teacher 44 Kahal  
NAYDICH Nisel   the community board 35 Kahal  
RAYERMAN Srol Udaliovich the rabbi 72 Kahal  
RAYKHMAN Movsha-Abram   the community board 28 Kahal  
RITERMAN Iosel Niselovich the treasurer (neiman) 52 Kahal  
SHAPIRA Ovsey   the community board 31 Kahal  
TUKHMAN Vavel Yankeliovich comm monitor(gabe) 49 Kahal  
MALETSH - December 22, 1837
BURSHTYN Osher   comm board (elected) 45 Kahal  
FELDBAUM Ghersh   the community board 41 Kahal  
FRIDMAN Ghersh   comm monitor(gabe) 60 Kahal  
FRIDMAN Yudel   the teacher 39 Kahal  
GELDBERG Leyzer   comm board (elected) 68 Kahal  
LIPSHITS Iosel   the vice-rabbi 47 Kahal  
MAGHINETSHTEYN Shlioma   the treasurer (neiman) 34 Kahal  
MAGHIT Orel   the vice-rabbi 55 Kahal  
NEVEDOMSKY Mendel   comm monitor(gabe) 55 Kahal  
POMARANETS Orel   the treasurer (neiman) 28 Kahal  
POMERANETS Srol Kuteliovich the community board 30 Kahal  
POMERANETS Tsemar   the community board 45 Kahal  
POMERANETS Benyamin   the community board 56 Kahal  
POMERANETS Berko Khaymovich the community board 40 Kahal  
ROZENBAUM Ghershko   comm board (elected) 56 Kahal  
VARVTIK Rozen   the teacher 39 Kahal  
PRUZHANY - December 29, 1837
IONOVICH Ovsey Ioseliovich comm monitor(gabe)   Kahal  
KATS Nisel Shlemovich the teacher (rabbi) 60 Kahal  
NITSBERG Meyer Abramovich the treasurer (neiman) 28 Kahal  
PERKEL Leyzer-Mendel Dovidov the treasurer (neiman) 30 Kahal  
RAVLETSKY Ivel Meyerovich comm monitor(gabe) 69 Kahal  
SHTUPEL Iosel   the teacher (rabbi) 49 Kahal  
SELETS - December 22, 1837
BEYZER Lazer   the treasurer (neiman) 56 Kahal  
BOKSHTEYN Movsha Shepsheliovich the community board 42 Kahal  
EPELGARD Benyamin Shliomovich the community board 49 Kahal  
EPELGARD Benyamin   comm monitor(gabe) 48 Kahal  
EPSHTEYN Valver Maneliovich the community board 48 Kahal  
KANTOR Ghersh   the teacher 65 Kahal  
KAPLAN Yudel   comm monitor(gabe) 47 Kahal  
KAPLAN Shlioma   the teacher 35 Kahal  
KAPLAN Iosel   the treasurer (neiman) 44 Kahal  
KOLYADITSKY Naftolya   the vice-rabbi 55 Kahal  
LIFSHITS Shipshel   the vice-rabbi 44 Kahal  
SOSHITSKY Shlioma Manasovich the community board 34 Kahal  
VTORNIK Eliya Tsalkovich the community board 34 Kahal  
SHERESHEVO - January 4, 1838
ALEXANDROVSKY Srol-Zelman   the teacher (deputy) 33 Kahal  
BARENBAUM Ghirsh   the community board 50 Kahal  
BARENBAUM Yankel   treas(neiman) deputy 60 Kahal  
BAS Iosel   treas(neiman) deputy 29 Kahal  
BORKER Mora Leyba   the teacher 50 Kahal  
BREMER Shepshel   comm monitor(gabe) dep 37 Kahal  
BRENGLOZ Ghersh   the treasurer (neiman) 55 School #9 
BURGMAN Mora Leyba   the teacher 25 School #11  
BURGMAN Benyamin   the teacher (deputy) 53 School #11  
DINERMAN Menakhem-Yankel   comm monitor(gabe) dep 36 School #10 
FARBER Yankel-Shloma   the treasurer (neiman) 45 Kahal  
FAYBIR Mordukh   the rabbi 58 Kahal  
FAYNBIR Mordukh   the treasurer (neiman) 58 School #8 
FELDBAUM Leyzer   comm board (elected) 50 Kahal  
GALPERN Mendel   the community board 45 Kahal  
GATSELIOVSKY Tovba   comm monitor(gabe) dep 48 Kahal  
GHELBORD Leyba   comm board (elected) 48 Kahal  
KAPLAN Tsalko-Berko   treas(neiman) deputy 38 School #10 
KAZIN Shmerko   comm monitor(gabe) dep 38 Kahal  
KHVALOVSKY Aron   the teacher (deputy) 63 School #7 
KLEYNERMAN Sholom   treas(neiman) deputy 43 School #8 
KLEYNLERNER Iosel   comm monitor(gabe) dep 38 School #8 
KOLMAN Movsha   comm monitor(gabe) dep 45 Kahal  
KOTRER Shmuyla   the treasurer (neiman) 58 School #7 
KRINSKY Mora Tovbes   the teacher 42 Kahal  
KRONGLOZ Ezra   comm monitor(gabe) 56 Kahal  
KROSHMAN Mora Shlioma   the teacher 58 Kahal  
KRUGMAN Mora Mates   the teacher 50 Kahal  
KUPERMAN Movsha   the teacher (deputy) 42 Kahal  
KUPERMAN Ghershko   the teacher (deputy) 63 Kahal  
LEBERSHTEYN Volter   comm monitor(gabe) 42 School #7 
LEBERSHTEYN Kofman   comm monitor(gabe) dep 65 School #7 
LEVITSKY Yudel   the teacher 39 School #9 
MARLES Abram   treas(neiman) deputy 38 Kahal  
MIKHOSELSKY Mora Lipa   the teacher 60 School #7 
MILNER Borukh   comm monitor(gabe) 48 School #10 
MOGHERMAN Zelik   the treasurer (neiman) 38 Kahal  
MOGHERMAN Yankel   treas(neiman) deputy 36 Kahal  
MOPS Shevel   treas(neiman) deputy 42 School #9 
NAYBRAV Leyba   the teacher (deputy) 60 Kahal  
NAYCHAS Zelik   comm monitor(gabe) 36 Kahal  
NIRENBURG Aron   the treasurer (neiman) 48 School #11  
NIRENSHTEYN Shlioma   the community board 52 Kahal  
NOTES Zelik-Iosel   comm monitor(gabe) dep 43 School #9 
PINSKY Srol   the teacher (deputy) 63 School #8 
POCHINKA Velvel   the community board 40 Kahal  
POCHINKA Fayvel   the teacher (deputy) 38 Kahal  
POCHINKA Zavel   comm monitor(gabe) 48 School #8 
POMARANETS Movsha-Shmuel   the community board 44 Kahal  
PREYSMAN Mora Osher   the teacher 60 Kahal  
RABINOVICH Leyzor   the community board 34 Kahal  
RISHES Shamshon   comm monitor(gabe) 31 School #11  
ROZENBLAT Meyer-Srol   comm monitor(gabe) dep 43 Kahal  
ROZENBLAT Iosel-Abram   the treasurer (neiman) 58 Kahal  
SAPIRSHTEYN Movsha   comm board (elected) 60 Kahal  
SHEYNEFIRER Borukh   comm monitor(gabe) 45 School #9 
SHRAYBMAN Leyzer   the teacher (deputy) 65 School #10 
SHTIFGUN Aron   the teacher (deputy) 43 School #9 
SHTILERMAN Abram   treas(neiman) deputy 42 Kahal  
SHULMAN Mora Volf   the teacher 60 School #8 
SIMES Iosel-Ghersh   comm monitor(gabe) 42 Kahal  
SUKHOPOLSKY David-Meyer   comm monitor(gabe) 40 Kahal  
TERESPOLSKY Itsko-Leyba   comm monitor(gabe) 43 Kahal  
TSAYGHER Berko   comm monitor(gabe) dep 35 School #11  
UNTERSHTUB Elkina   the treasurer (neiman) 35 Kahal  
VAYNSHTEYN Khaym   the treasurer (neiman) 38 Kahal  
VELTMAN Zelman   treas(neiman) deputy 65 School #7 
VENGROV Mora Azriel   the teacher 68 Kahal  
VINOGRAD David   comm board (elected) 62 Kahal  
VINOGRAD Mora Shepshel   the teacher 48 School #10 
YASTROB Gavriel   treas(neiman) deputy 42 Kahal  
YUNGVALD Iokhel   comm monitor(gabe) 55 Kahal  
ZALTS Berko-Gandel   the treasurer (neiman) 48 Kahal  
ZAYZUSKY Mordukh   treas(neiman) deputy 42 School #11  
ZELITSMAN Khaym   comm monitor(gabe) dep 39 Kahal  
ZINGMAN Peysakh   the treasurer (neiman) 41 School #10 
ZVIERMAN Itsko   the teacher (deputy) 60 Kahal  
ZYLBERSHTEYN Leyba   the community board 38 Kahal  
IONOVICH Ovsey Pruzhany work as a tavern keeper, possesses his own house, income makes 80 rubles in paper, known for his good conscience; according to Jewish rites, he is a learned Jew    
KATS Nisel Pruzhany according to jewish rites, he is learned enough; works as the scholar of Jewish literature, known for his good conscience; possesses his own house, his income makes 100 roubles in paper 60  
NITSBERG Meyer Pruzhany possesses his own house, income makes 50 roubles in paper; good householder 28  
PERKEL Leyzer-Mendel Pruzhany learned enough Jew; known for his good conscience; possesses his own house, his income makes 75 roubles in paper 30  
RAVLETSKY Ivel Pruzhany good householder, possesses his own house, income makes 50 roubles in paper 69  
SHTUPEL Iosel Pruzhany possesses his own small house; known for his good conscience; works as the scholar of Jewish literature 49  

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