Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto - Tabolitzki to end
Surname First Names Where they lived Number in Family Remarks
Tabolitzki Moshe, wife Zehava and daughter Rachel Corner of Tabolitzki 3 Owner of agricultural estate
Tekech Eliyahu, wife Breina, and daughter Necha Tebolitzki 3 Orderly in the theater
Tekech Chava and sister Haliba; daughters of Yoel the builder Tebolitzki 2 seamstresses
Tekech Yisrael, wife and 3 daughters Next to Dantzig 5 worked in the forest
Tekech Nisan, wife Henia, son Meir, daughter Bashka, another daughter Olner 5 worked in the forest
Teper Eliyahu, wife Zlata (daughter of Shlomo Veinshtein) and daughter Olner with Veinshtein 3 Zlata was a teacher
Tilman wife, daughter (they lived once at the Bludne Train Station) Market place 3 Grocery store
Trop Harav Yosef Chaim and wife Sara 3 May St. 2 Rabbi
Trop Leibel (son of the rabbi), wife Baska, sons: Shlomo & David and daughter Rakhel 3 May St. with his father 5 Store
Tros Yehoshua, wife Necha, son Eliezer and another son Shrentzel 4 Fabric Store
Tuchman Elimelech, wife Yenta (born Siminovski) , son Zerach and daughter Tzarina Next to the Talmud Torah 4 Butcher
Tuchman Leib and wife Sarah-Risha Across from Sapirshtein 2 Peasant
Tuchman Michle, brother Yitzchak, sister Henia (children of Moshe) Across from the Talmud Torah 3 Harness / leather
Tuchman Sara (wife of Itshe), sons Avraham & Moshe and daughter Cherna 3 May St. in Aba Ditkovitz's home 4 Icheh passed away in Israel
Tuchman  Zelig, wife Chaya-Gitel, sons Meir & Asher and daughter Rivka Next to "Kadisha" Synagogue 5 Butcher
Tuchman  Chaika, Ester Tukman, Elimelech Tukman Across from Levinzon 3 Elimelech was a barber
Tuchman  Yehuda, wife Batya, daughters Minya,  Ester & Chana Olner 5  
Tuchman  Saneh, wife Choma (daughter of Avraham Friedman) Next to "Kadisha" Synagogue 2 Butcher
Tzirolnik Herzkeh, wife Leah (from the town of Ruzanoi) and a daughter Market place next to "Kadishai" Synagogue 3 Grocery Store
Tzirolnik Mendel, his wife and daughter (all the Tzirulniks are from the village of Pisk Close to bridge #2 3 Grocery Store
Tzirolnik Menasha, wife Riva, sons Chaim & Moshe and 2 daughters Close to bridge #2 6 Blacksmith and Grocery store
Tzirolnik Mordechai, his wife and son Berel Next to bridge #1; lived with Shtoker 3 Grocery Store
Tzirolnik Lipa (son of Mordechai) and his wife Next to bridge #1; lived with Shtoker 2 Grocery Store
Tzuker  Widow of Moshe Cemetery St.; across from the public housing 1 Her husband was a porter
Tzukerman Mechla (widow), her daughter Chana and her husband Shmuel Yablonski Next to Shlosberg 3  
Unterman Widow of Moshe & son Sanah and another son Across from the post office 3  
Urbach Yechiel, his wife Shoshana & daughter & 2 sons Shkolna across from Polnesker 5 Barber
Veinshtein Shlomo and wife Chaya Corner of Olner and the Market Place 2 Sold kerosene and Benzine
Veinshtein Sara (daughter of Michael Friedman) wife of Vave and son In the home of Michael Friedman 2 Her husband Vave is in Canada
Vender Motel, wife and 3 daughters 3 May St. 5 Grocery store
Vinik Beneiah and wife and 2 children Close to the Post Office 4 Road contractor
Vinik Zalman and wife and son and daughter Next to the Talmud Torah 4 Builder of wooden houses
Vinik Yacov and wife Leah born Gerber Next to Gerber 2 Soda Store
Vinik Yisrael and wife and 2 sons: Ovadiya and Eliyahu with 2 daughters Next to the Talmud Torah 6 Worked in the Slaughter house
Vinik Mordechai and wife Tzerna and son Leibel and daughter Chaya Olner 4 Matzah Baker
Vinik Shimon and wife Roza and 2 daughters Pruzhany St. in home of Yacov Rabinovich 4 Soda store
Vinikur Mordechai, wife Beila, daughter Pesel, daughter Leah and another 3 daughters  Tebolitzki next to Berenshtein 7 Shoemaker 
Visotzki Nechemya, wife Ester and daughter Nechama Olner next to Fisher 3 Store
Voigodski HaRav Sender, wife Eitka and 2 sons Yacov, Yehuda and 2 daughters Across from Guberman 6 Rabbi of the City
Volenski Chaim and wife Mirka, son Avraham and 2 daughters Next to Greenberg 5 Merchant of hay and foder
Volenski Leah (widow), son Henek Post Office St. 2  
Volovelski Eliyahu and wife Phanya and son Aside the road in Shamaya Yablonovski's home 3 Store for agricultural machinery
Volovelski Leibel and wife Shoshana born Reshinski and 2 sons Shkolna next to Moshe Berezman 4 Store for agricultural machinery
Volpovitz Yisrael and wife and 3 sons: Shevach, Leibel, Yehoshua, daughter Sara Corner of Broyda St. 6 Grocery store
Warshavsky Naftali, wife and son Cemeteryn St. 3 Store for fixing shoes
Warshavsky Fruma, her husband and son Across from the public bath house 3  
Yablonovitz Baruch-Laizer, wife, son Moshe and daughter Next to the post office 4 upholstery
Yablonovitz Moshe (single), the son of Shmayahu Across from Volovelski 1  
Yablonovitz Shmayahu and wife Across from Volovelski 2 Harness / leather
Yahalom Ester (wife of Avraham in the USA), 2 daughters and son 3 May St. 4  
Yahalom Eliezer's ( from Bludne), wife and her sister Yosepha and a son In Chaim Zelig Blacher's home 3 Eliezer was a teacher
Yahalom Zisel (widow), son Shmuel and daughter Malka Across from Vinik 3 Store
Yahalom Shimcha, wife Masha (daughter of the butcher Pomerantz) and daughter In Chaim Pomerantz's home 3  
Yever Chaim, wife Chana (daughter of Shepsel Pomerantz-from the village: Shilin) and son "Pherd" State, the last house 3 worked in Kalnistzky's store
Yever Yitzkhak Mordechai, wife Teibel (daughter of Avraham Greenberg) and daughter Lived in father's home across from Sholsberg 3 Worked in the bank
Yever Feivel, wife Hinda, daughters Sara & Tzviya In father's home across from Sholsberg 4  
Yudelevski Aharon-Eli, wife Hadasa, son Moshe Olner 3 Furniture carpenter
Yudelevski Yechial Nisel and wife Zeditever 2  
Yudelevski Shlomo Next to Vinik 2 Shochet
Zakheim Zelig, wife Chayache (daughter of Zisel Yahalom) and son Across from Vinik 3 Soda Factory  
Zakheim Zalman, wife, a married daughter and 2 daughters Zeditva  5  
Zakheim Chaim, wife Masha, sons Tzvi & Matityahu and a daughter Next to Greenberg 5 Hat maker
Zakheim Yona, wife Pesel (daughter of Hillel Krolitzki) Next to Greenberg 2 Steel / Metal Store
Zakheim Yacov and wife Hadasa born Feldman Next to Levinzon 2 Soda Factory 
Zakheim Mordechai, wife and daughter Sonia Corner of road and Sherntzel 3 Tin smith
Zakheim Nisan, wife Liba and son Benyamin Pruzhany St. 3 Vice Mayor
Zakheim Widow of Yosef and son Benyamin Next to Levinzon 2 Soda Factory
Zaltzman Yehoshua, wife Tzirel and sons Yacov & Ruben   4 Grain Merchant
Zeritzki Widow Basha-Rivka, son Menachem and 2 daughters Market place 4 Store
Zeritzki Tuviah, wife Mina (daughter of Gabriel Epshtein), her mother, a daughter and son David Shkolna  5 Brick Builder
Zeritzki Yehoshua, wife and 5 sons Across from the post office 7 Tailor
Zeritzki Yeshayahu and wife   2 Brick Builder
Zeritzki Meir, wife Soshana (born Berezeman), son Eliyahu and daughter Sara Across from Gerber 4 Pharmacy
Zevilovitz Yehoshua, wife Hinda and 2 daughters Aside the road next to second Bridge 4 Grocery store
Zhidvitz Moshe, wife, daughter Fruma and sons Shmuel, David and another son 3 May St. 6 Grocery store
Zimochovski Yehoshua, wife and a daughter Post Office St. 3 Blacksmith
Zimokhovski Shlomo, wife, sons David & Sender and daughter Henia Post Office St. 5 Blacksmith
Zorukovitz Avraham, brother Shlomo, another brother and his mother Tabolitzki 4 From the Bendet Family
Zunshein Moshe, mother Chaya and sister Chaya Toiba Aside the road across from Zaltzman 3  
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