Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto - Rabinovitz to Subinski
Surname First Names Where they lived Number in Family Remarks
Rabinovitz Aharon & wife (nickname Dedeleh) Market place next to Polak 2 Store
Rabinovitz Berel, his wife and son Nachum Meir 3 May St. next to Axman 3 Store in the market place
Rabinovitz Velvel, wife Belka (Tuchman's daughter lived across from Levinzon) and son Lived with Tuchman who lived across from Levinzon 3 Worked in the woodmill
Rabinovitz Yacov (widower), a daughter Teibel & sons Chaim, Motel & Benyamin Pruzany St. across from the Synagogue 5 Mohel
Rashes Berel-Tzalka, wife and sons Icheh & Yacov  Next to Levinzon 4 Restaurant
Ravitz Mendel, his wife Sheina, son Yechezkel and daughter Feigel 3 May St. corner of Tzerkovna 4 Grocery Store
Ravitz Mendel, wife Leba, son Berel and a daughter Lived with father-in-law Moshe Gershgoren 4 Sewer
Ravnitzki  Yacov, wife Freidel, daughter Malka and son Yitzchak Sobinski 4 Sewer
Reshinski Meir, his wife Sarah Rivka, sons Shimon & Peretz, daughter Breina and her husband Corner of Shkolna 6 Sold salt and cigarettes
Reshinski Ovadya (son of Falek) and wife Teibel (born Fodostroitza) Lived in Fodostroitza home 2  
Reshinski Falek and wife Across from Levinzon 2  
Reshinski Reizel (daughter of Falek), husband and a son Shasay across from Levinzon 3  
Reshinski Shaul, wife Bela (daughter of Yincheh Braverman) and daughter Yael Lived across from the woodmill in Braverman's home 3 Made boots from wool and also barrels for fires.
Reshles Yosef, wife Rachel (daughter of Yisrael Kagan) & the widow of Naftali Goldberg Across from Shatz 3  
Retnovski Fradel, daughter Ester and granddaughter Next to Tabulitzki 3 Boarding house
Reznik Avraham, wife Tzirel (born Alexandrovski) and a son Lived with Alexandrovski across from the synagogue 3 Worked in the woodmill
Reznik Benyamin Leib (widower), his daughter, her husband, a daughter and a son 3 May St. 5 Worked in the Sid factory
Reznik Velvel, his wife and son (son of Yacov) Lived with father , across from Tabulitzki 3 Work with father in cattle commerce
Reznik Yona, his wife and daughter Mara 3 May St. 3 Teacher in the Yiddish school 
Reznik Yacov, wife Bashke, son Avraham & daughters Yaffa and Yona Across from Tabulitzki 5 Cattle Merchant
Reznik Leizer (nickname Bogur), wife, a daughter and a son Subinski; lived with Leib Reznik 4 Kiosk
Reznik Sa'adya, wife Mirtze, a daughter Gitel & a son Yosef Next to Guberman 4 Supplier to the army
Reznik Shalom Moshe, wife Peshke Next to Guberman 2 Butcher
Reznik Shmerel, his wife and daughter Next to Guberman 3 Merchant of cow hide
Rinberg Meir and wife Feiga Chaya Post Office St. 2  
Riterman Chaya (widow of Sa'adya) and son Avraham Next to Bavitz 2  
Rogelski and wife Bella (daughter of Avraham Yitzchak Ginshpring) Lived with Ginshping 2 Grain merchant with his father inlaw
Rogovitz Hershel, wife born Burgman, son Moshe and 2 daughters Next to Vinik 5 Butcher
Rogovitz Chaim (from Shaye) and wife Next to Vinik 2 Butcher
Rozenfeld Anya (widow) and daughter Fruma Courtyard of the fire station 2 Seamstress
Rozovski Hershel, his wife Kreindel and daughter Ronia Market place corner of 3 May St. 3 Shochet
Rubinshtein Efraim, wife Yehudit (daughter of Moshe Liskovski), Henek and 2 daughters   4 Rags merchant
Rubinshtein Hershel,his wife and daughter Fruma Post office St. 3 Shoemaker
Rubinshtein Riva, nickname Shashicheh Across from the public bath house 1 At 01:05 a.m. she would put the chickens outside
Ruchames Tzemach his wife and 3 daughters Bavitz St. next to Kesirski 5 Fixed shoes and boots
Rupin Mendel (nickname Ha'Loshe), wife Tila and sons Chaim, Leibl and another son 3 May St. next to Minkovitz 5 Transport merchandise in a wagon from Brisk (Brest Litovsk)
Sacharov Rivka (widow of Yisrael Leizer from the city of Kosova) and son Leibel Olner; lived in Yehuda Tuchman's home 2 Relative (maybe to Yehuda Tuchman)
Sapir Yitzchak, wife Glisha born Baizer, and a daughter Zeditevah 3 Barber and Musical Instruments
Sapir Nachman, wife Leah   2 Barber and Musical Instruments
Sapir and sister from Bludne  Bought Moshe Goldshteins's house 2 Owner of the Flourmill
Sapirshtein Avraham, wife and 2 children Across from Leib Tuchman 4 Watch maker
Sapirshtein Yehoshua, wife Elka. Son Velvel and another son Lived with his father 4 Watch maker
Sapoznik Avraham, wife Yenta and 2 daughters Cemetery St 4 Builder (Bricks)
Sapoznik Golda, widow of Yacov Eli and mother Olner 2 Avraham's mother
Sapoznik Yosef, wife, daughter Gitel, sons Leika & Shaul and another daughter Cemetery St 6 tinsmith
Sapoznik Moshe and his wife ( daughter of Baruch Yacov Kagan) Side street Laizerka across from the Postebenik 2 Tailor
Seletzki Son-in-law of Motiya Pomerantz,  wife, 2 sons, daughter Liba & another daughter Market Place next to Berman 6 Grinder in the flourmill
Seletzki Efraim, wife and sons Motia and Bobka 3 May St. 4 Oil manufacturer
Seletzki Yacov. his mother the widow - Eitka Next to the Regiments 2 Fire staion Chief
Seletzki Meir, wife Hadasa (daughter of Chana-Gitel Liberman) Market Place; lived with Avraham Abba (father?) 2 Sewer
Semorovitzki Motel, wife Mushka (daughter of Hershel Goldberg) and daughter Next to the Main (big) Synagogue 3  
Serlin David, wife Zlatka, sons Shlomo & Hershel and daughter Gitel Pruzany St. next to the Main (Big) Synagogue 5 Hotel
Shapira Benyamin, wife Rachel and son Alek Next to the post office 3 Owner of the sid factory
Shapira Dinkeh (sister of Benyamin), daughter of Shachna Yosef Olner 1  
Shapira Shimshon, his wife Beila and daughter Peicha Across from Teabulitzki 3 Peicha was a dentist
Sheinboim Henia Zlata (widow) and daughters: Hinda, Fradel, Sheina and Zelda Across from Leiba Tuchman 5 Store
Shekerman Yehuda, his wife and a daughter Next to Volovelski 3 Tailor
Shemeivski Chana Masha (widow), 3 sons and 2 daughters Olner St. across from Shteinerman 6 Her husband was a tailor
Sherer Avraham, wife Masha (daughter of Leizer Lefin) & child Shrentzel; lived with Fein 3 Fruit merchant with his father-in-law Leizer Fein
Shevetz Yakov , 2nd wife and 2 mutual children  Next to Shmuel Goldfein 4 Musical instruments and fisher
Shevrinski Widow of Chaim, 2 daughters and sons Avraham & Shlomo Across from the fire station 6 Her husband was a harness maker; the daughters were seamstresses
Shliapochnik Yitzchak, his wife Leika (daughter of Leiba Tuchman) and a son Lived in Tuchman's home 3 Lived until 1939 in Neiman near Lida
Shlomovitz Yosef, wife Golda, daughters Chaika & Gitel 3 May St.; lived in Krolitzki's house 4 Also lived in the village of Livishki
Shlomovitz Sarah (wife of Phishke, daughter-in-law of Yosel) and a daughter 3 May St.; lived in Krolitzki's house 2 Her husband was sent to Russia in 1941
Shlosberg Yacov, wife Babche, and Sender (son of Babche) Next to the government public school 3 Babche was a Lockersmith
Shorokman Yacov, his wife (daughter of Chana Gitel Liberman) and 2 daughters Shrentzel; lived with Liberman 4 Grain Merchant
Shteinerman Nachum, wife Beila, sons Hershel & Shalom, daughters Itka & Zelda and another two sons Olner St. 8 Wagon owner, son of Yoshai
Shtoker Yitzchak, wife Devora,daughters Yenta & Rachel and son Eliezer Next to Kravelnik 5  
Shtoker Shimon (son of Berl & Sima that made aliya to Israel) Next to bridge #1 1 Hired carpenter
Shushan Matel (widow), sons Yisrael & Yosef and daughter Sara Next to Rabbi Vigodski 5 Yisrael (son) was a Shochet
Shuster Avraham, his wife and son Post office St.  3  
Shuster Chaim, his wife and daughter Post Office St. 3 Bagel baker
Shvartz Baruch, his wife, 2 daughters and mother 3 May St. 5 Paint store
Shvartz Niacha, wife Leah (born Fridenshtein) and a daughter Olner; lived with mother  Rachel 3 Electrician
Shvartz Rachel and son Icheh of family Shachna Yosef Shapiro Olner St. 2  
Siminovski Velvel, wife Raizel, daughters Chaya, Sara, Meita and son Yitzchak Next to second Bridge 6  
Siminovski Mordechai, wife and son Zalman Next to the Talmud Torah 3  
Siminovski  Hershel, wife Roza (daughter of Yisrael Goldberg) Shrnetzel St.; lived in Yisrael Goldberg's house 2 Carpenter
Slodovnik Avraham, wife Eitka (born Kaplan), 2 daughters and a son Olner 5 Bakery of Eitka Maleicha
Sokolovski Akiva, wife Peicheh (daughter of Felek Rashinski) and 2 sons Broyda 4 Fabric Store
Solnitz Yechiel, wife Regina, daughter Leah and grandmother Tuba Next to Michael Friedman 4 worked in the Sid factory
Sondek Widow, sons Yitzik, Yehuda, Shimcha, Yoska and another son "Ferd" State 6 Fruit merchant
Soronovski Arniel, wive Doba, daughters Breina & Leah and Doba's sister Henia   5  
Subinski Elimelech, wife, a daughter and son Moshe Shmayahu 4 Horse Merchant
Subinski David, wife, son Chaim, another son and 4 daughters "Pherd" State  8 Wagon owner
Subinski Hershel, wife Leah, sons Eitzel & Michael and daughter Raizel   5  
Subinski Zlata, widow Cemetery St. 1  
Subinski Yacov, his wife Chaya and son Shmuel   3  
Subinski Meirim, wife Malka (Daughter of Moshe Gershgorn) and 2 daughters Cemetery St 4 Shoemaker
Subinski Natan (Noteh) Subinski 1 Soda Store
Subinski Sara Leah, widow Subinski 1  
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