Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto - Oksman to Privolski
Surname First Names Where they lived Number in Family Remarks
Oksman Hirshel, wife Reizel 3 May St. 2  
Oksman Shalom and wife Zoneh born Goldshtein and 2 children 3 May St. 4 Shoemaker
Oshechevski Motel & Wife, son Levik & daughter Ida, her husband and son Corner of Olner and market place 6 Cigarette store
Oshrovitz widow of the Rabbi & daughter Shifra Across from Goberman 2  
Paiuk Gershon, wife Rochama and daughter Adel Across from Levinzon 3 Butcher
Paiuk Chaim (the son of Pinye), wife and 2 daughters Cemetery St; Lived with father 4 Sold wursht (jewish salami)
Paiuk Pinye and wife Breina Cemetery St 2 Wursht (jewish salami) manufacturer
Peikov Alta and sister Chashke Pruzany St. 2 Seamstresses
Pesetzki Gutel and wife Rivka Market Place 2 Shoe Store
Pesetzki Moshe Leib (son of Gutel), his wife Ida and 2 daughters Across from Zaltzman 4 Workshop for winter boots
Pesetzki Sima and her husband Avrahamel (nickname Seiparta) Olner next to Epshtein 2 Fixed rubber boots
Pesetzki Pesha and her husband Asher (nickname Seiparta) Olner next to Epshtein 2 Fixed rubber boots
Peshel Meir, his wife, a son Yitzchak and 3 daughters Post Office  St. 6 Chicken merchant
Pezes Rachel, sons Archik & Yitzik and a daughter Olner; lived in Epshtein's house 4  
Pialkov His wife Chaya, 2 sons and a daughter   5 Worked in Vinik's house 
Pileshchik Idel, wife Sheina (born Boreisho) and 2 daughters Post Office St.; lived in Boreisho's home 4 Carpenter from Seltz
Pileshchik From the shtetl of Seltz, lived in the ghetto, his wife, a son Yudel and 2 children 3 May St. 5  
Pinchuk Ester (widow of Chaim). 3 daughters: Cheika, Peiah, Feigel Post Office St. 4  
Pinchuk Meir, wife Rivka (daughter of Rachel Geler) and  sons Hillel & Shmuel Olner; lived in Rachel Geler's home 4 Butcher
Pitkovski Avraham, wife Rachel (daughter of Feivel Kravitz) and a daughter Olner; lived in David Pomerantz's house 3 Store
Pitkovski Moshe, his wife Rivka and daughter Sheindel Pruzany St. 3 Wood / Lumber merchant
Podorovski Eidel and wife Rivka (born Berenshtein) Cemetery St; Lived with father 2  
Podorovski Yosef Chaim, wife Keila-Chaya, daughter Meita and son Leib Cemetery St 4 Locksmith
Podostroitza Aryeh Leib, wife and daughter Chana Shrentzel St.; lived in Shlomo Bockshtein's house 3 Flour Store
Podostroitza Yosef, wife Rivka, a son and 2 daughters Market Place next to the gentile Lichotzki 5 Store
Podostroitza Yacov, wife Rozka( born Volanski) Lived in Chaim Volanski's house 2  
Podostroitza Yitzchak and wife Lived in Begen's home across from Guberman 2 Patner of Saadia Reznik
Podostroitza Meir, wife Rivka and daughter Golda Next to the wood mill 3 Partner in the flourmill
Polak His wife, 2 daughters, another daughter, her husband who once lived in the village Kresnevor Market Place 6 Restaurant
Polak Avraham, wife and 2 daughters Market Place 4 Grain Merchant
Pomerantz Avraham, wife and daughter Breina Olner; next to the public bath house 3 Clothing store
Pomerantz Avraham (widower) and son David Across from Sima Shtoker 2 Blacksmith
Pomerantz Avramel, mother, wife and daughter Outside of the town 4 Worked in the Sid factory
Pomerantz Aharon, wife, daughters Liba & Musha and a son Meir Next to Bridge #1 5  
Pomerantz Eitzel, wife Leika (daughter of Moshe Gershgoren) and a son Before the town 3 Worked in the Sid factory
Pomerantz Eliezer, wife Chana, a son and a daughter Post Office St. 4 Soda Factory
Pomerantz Benyamin (Ytzis), wife Chaya (husband was a Chassid) 3 May St. 2 Store in the market place
Pomerantz Berel (son of Benyamin), his wife and 3 children 3 May St.; lived in parent's home (Benyamin) 5 Was supported by father- Benyamin
Pomerantz Berel, wife and 2 daughters Post Office St. 4 Soda Factory
Pomerantz David and wife (from the village of Sholin) Olner; across from Vineshtein 2  
Pomerantz Zelig, his wife Liba born Podorovski and a daughter Market Place; lived with father - Motiya 3  
Pomerantz Zalman (a widower),his daughter and her husband Subinski; next to Lisitzki 3 Money (foreign) changer
Pomerantz Chaim, son of Velvel the butcher who went to the USA Across from the post office 1 Butcher
Pomerantz Chama, wife Yona (Teibel) [daughter of Reznik from Afula, Israel] and a daughter Olner; lived in Shmerel Lazerovitch's home 3  
Pomerantz Teibel and her sister ( daughters of Motiya) Subinski 2 Shoe Store
Pomerantz Yeshayahu, his mother, his sister, her husband & 2 sons Across from Goldfein 6 Blacksmith
Pomerantz Liba (widow) and 2 children Next to bridge #1 3 Her husband was killed in 1939
Pomerantz Leibe, wife Sara-Feigel, sons Ora, Meir, Yitzchak, Shimcha, daughters Mosha, Risha,  grandmothers Rachel Pomerantz, Fruma Davidovitz  Next to bridge #1 10 Shoemaker
Pomerantz Motiyah and wife Corner of Subinski and the market place 2 Store
Pomerantz Motel, brother Icheh & sister Chana Shemayahu 3  
Pomerantz Mushke, her husband and a daughter Next to bridge #1 3 Kiosk
Pomerantz Shabetai, wife (born Lefin), 2 sons and a daughter Shrentzel St. 5 Blacksmith
Pomerantz Shalom (son of Zalman), his wife and a son Subinski; lived in father's house 3 Money (foreign) changer
Pomerantz Shalom, his wife, a daughter and a son Across from the fire station  4 Merchant
Pomerantz Shmuel Issac and wife Rashe Post Office St. 2 Soda Factory
Pomerantz Shmuel , wife Sheina and a son Across from the fire station  3 Grocery Store
Pomerantz Shepsel, wife Chaya Freida and sons Yisrael & Benyamin Before the town  the last house 4 Blacksmith from the village of Sholin
Portnoy Aharon, wife Sara (daughter of Hillel Krolitzki) and 3 sons Lived in Hillel Krolitzki's home 5 Brought merchandise from the city of Brest
Portnoy Yacov-Leib and daughter Matel, her husband & 2 sons 3 May St. 5 Manufactured oil
Potak Yehuda, wife Beila, sons Israel, Berl & daughters, Perel, Bashka, and Chaya Beginning of Olner St. 7 Shoe Store
Potak Yosef, wife and 2 daughters 3 May St. next to the river 4 Sold fruits
Potziniki Zelig, wife Bashke, son Zalman and 2 other sons Olner next to Avraham Greenberg 5 Was an underground Shochet 
Privolski Daughter Chamke, her husband Leibel and 2 daughters Tzerkovna 5 Nickname Pakterke
Privolski Mendel, wife Gutke, sons Chaim & Berel and daughter Devora Post Office St. 5 Tilled the fields in the village of Aronova
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