Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto - Langer to Nudel\
Surname First Names Where they lived Number in Family Remarks
Langer Chaim, wife, Chaim's sister Eitka, her husband and 2 daughters 3 May St. next to the River 6 Chaim son of Kalman was killed in 1939
Langer Shepsel, wife Teibel, son Kalman, daughters Devosha & Michal 3 May St. next to the River 5 Tailor
Lebershtein Hershel and wife Tzirel and daughter Across from the post office 3 partners with Liskovski -men's fabric store
Lederman David, wife, wife's mother, daughter Masha, 2 daughters and 2 sons Lived in Sima Shtoker's home 8 processed sheep hide
Lefin Leizer and wife nickname Lapidus Sherntzel 2 Fruit merchant
Lefin Meir, wife and 2 daughters Next to Zonshein 4 Fruit merchant
Leibeh From the village of Senevitz, his wife and a daughter Zeditever 3 Grain merchant
Leizerovitz Itcheh, wife Gitel and daughter Raizel Olner 3 Shoemaker
Leizerovitz Yosef, wife Rachel, son Moshe & a daughter Next to Leiba Tuchman 4 Shoemaker
Leizerovitz Shmerel, wife Ester, son Avraham Olner next to Yehuda Tuchman 3 Shoemaker
Levinzon Naftali, wife Miriam, sons Molik & Vik, a daughter and Miriam's sister   7 Grocery store
Lezerovski Zosha, wife Gitel, daughter Rivka Next to Olner 3 Grain merchant
Lezerovski Chaim, wife Chashka (born Pomerantz) and son Next to Olner 3 Grain merchant
Liberman Chana-Gitel, widow   1  
Liberman Shepsel, wife Sara born Graivski, son & a daughter End of road; lived in Shmuel Goldfein's house 4  
Linovski Eitzel, wife born Liberman. Ginendel Liberman, her husband and son Shernetzel 5 Grain merchant
Lisitzki Baruch, wife Rivka, son Shepsel, grandmother Dina Sovinski 4 Butcher
Lisitzki Moshe Zerach and his family Bluden train station 4 Butcher
Lisker Avraham, wife Elka, and wife's sister   3 sold kerosene 
Lisker Icheh Shernetzel 1 Roof maker
Lisker Alter, wife Elka, daughter Bailatza, her husband Zecharya and daughter Pruzhany across from the synagogue 5 worked in the Sid factory
Lisker Chaim, wife, a son and a daughter Sherntzel St. 4 Grocery store
Lisker Moshe, wife Sara born Podorovski, son Shaika, & daughter Mateleh Cemetery St. 4 worked in the Sid factory
Liskovski Aharon, wife Fruma and daughter Cemetery St. 3 Rags merchant
Liskovski Gedalyahu, wife Devosha and child Shkolna next to the "Tarbut" school 3 Rags merchant
Liskovski Henech, wife Velah, daughter Keileh, son Moshe, Sara Liskovski, her husband & son Sovinski 7 Store for fabric and clothing
Liskovski Chona, wife and 5 sons Next to Sima Shtoker 7 Rags merchant
Liskovski Chanan, wife, 2 sons and a daughter Court yard of the fire station 5 Wagon driver
Liskovski Leib, wife, a son and a daughter Lived in Kipen's house which was across from Gershon Naidos  4 Rags merchant
Liskovski Moshe, wife, daughter, her husband, a son Hertzel and another son Cemetery St. 6 Merchant
Liskovski Moshe-Henech, wife Zlata and 2 daughters Shkolna next to the school 4 Wagon driver
Liskovski Riva-Gitel, daughter Teibel, her husband Meir and 2 sons and 3 daughters Cemetery St.next the School 8 Shoemaker
Liskovski Sarah, widow of Shlomo Shkolna next to the "Tarbut" school 1  
Lovshevski Hershel Velvel, wife Zlata and daughter Chana Tzerkovena 3 Painter
Mekerenski Yisrael, wife, sons Avraham & Moshe and a daughter Next to the wood mill 5 Flourmill owner
Meltzer Feivel, wife and daughter Olner next to Vineshtein 3 Store
Miasnik wife Gitel, daughter of Shalom Broida "Pherd" State next to the River 2 Worked in the Slaughter house
Michalinski Yitzchak, wife, sons Leibel, Sender, Chaim and another son Post Office St. 6 Blacksmith
Michalinski Sima (widow) and 4 sons Post Office St. 5 Smithy/forge
Milikovski Yacov, daughter Doba and son Motel Olner 3 Store for animal hides
Milikovski Shimon, wife and a daughter Seltzer 3 Store for animal hides
Minkovitz Yekutiel, wife Sara and daughter Osnat 3 May St. 3 Melamed (religious teacher)
Minkovski Tzviya (daughter of Aharon Pomerantz) and Child Next to first Bridge 2  
Miskin Todres, wife, sons Liebel, Chaim Berel, Shepsel and a daughter Tzerkovna 6 Manager of the Bath House
Molodovski Yacov, wife, daughter Malka, another daughter and a son Shrnetzel 5 Grocery store
Moshkovitz Yacov, wife, sons Berel, Icheh, Yochanan, daughters Pelteh, Michla, her husband and two children Market place 10 Makes tomb stone also beverage store
Movshovitz Eliezer, wife Sara (daughter of Bobka Kagan) Next to fire station 2 Barber
Movshovitz Moshe, wife Chaya, a son and a daughter Next to fire station 4 Barber
Mozikanski Widow (born in Chelm, Poland), a daughter Rivka and son Yitzchak Olner; lived in Milikovski's house 3  
Naftael Leizer, wife Sara, 4 daughters and a son Across from Shlosberg 7 Worked in the Slaughter house
Neidos Gershon, wife Ester, daughter Faniyeh and her husband Across from the "Kadishai" Synagogue 4 Tree merchant
Neidos Shimon, wife Bilha, daughter Elka and son David Across from the "Kadishai" Synagogue 4 Tree merchant
Neiman Eliezer, mother Sheine Yudes, wife Chana and 2 children Next to Leib Tuchman 5 Grocery store
Niselboim Benyamin, wife born Liubashevski and 3 children Market place next to Neidos 5 Sewer, animal hides store
Niselboim Shishon and daughter Malka Zeditever 2  
Nosetzki Widow of Avraham and 2 sons Across from the "Kadishai" Synagogue 3  
Nosetzki Yitzchak, wife Chaya, and daughters Yokheved and Masha Across from the Post office building 4 Fish merchant
Novik Moshe, wife Lea (born Lisitzki) and a son Sovinski; lived in Lisitzki's house 3 Sewer
Novinski Fishel, wife and 2 sons Across from the Talmud Tora 4 Shoemaker
Nudel Shlomo, wife born Feigelman and a daughter Across from Beit Chaim St. 3 Tailor
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