Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto - Galperin to Kushtzich
Surname First Names Where they lived  Number in Family Remarks
Galperin Madosh and wife Henia and daughter Lubka Across from Yehuda Potek 3 Forest merchant 
Galperin Moshe (nickname Pasha) "Pherd" (horse) Town 1 Builder of wooden houses
Galperin Feivel and wife Keila (born Kravitz) Next to Dantzik 2 Lumber merchant
Galperin Peicheh (lived in Ben Tzion Alperon's house) Across from Zaltzman 1 Nurse
Galperin Sheina and sister Eta and her husband "Pherd" (horse) Town 3  
Galperin Shmuel and wife Friedka and daughter Leah "Pherd" (horse) Town 3 Builder of wooden houses
Galperin  Isser, wife (nickname Pashe) "Pherd" (horse) Town 2 Builder of wooden houses
Geler Feigel (widow) Corner of Post Office St. 1 Partnership in Shoe store
Geler Rachel (widow of Hillel Z"L) Olner 1  
Gelman Aharon, wife Leah Seltzer 2 Store
Gerber daughter Rachel and daughter Tzviah, and 2 more daughters In the courtyard of Devora Berkovitz 5 shoemaker 
German Alter and wife Gitel and daughter Liba and another daughter Mina Next to Mendel Broida 4 Fabric Store
German Alter, wife and son Chanan Shrentzel 3 Grain Buyer 
German Kalman, wife Blumka, daughter Miriam and son Yosef   4 Fixed Bicycles
German Shepsel, wife Ester (daughter of Berel & Tzalka Reshet Next to Levinzon 2 Grain Merchant
Gershgorn Baruch and mother Malka and wife and son Cemetery St. 4 Kiosk selling sweets
Gershgorn  Moshe and wife Across from Gerber 2 Woman's tailor
Ginshpring Chaim and wife Teibel and daughter (lives in Avraham Pomerantz's home) Close to the bridge 3 Fruit merchant
Ginshpring Moshe-Shimcha, wife Breina and son Benyamin and daughter Ester and daughter Sara and her husband and son Olner 7 Fruit merchant
Ginshpring Avraham Yitzchak and wife Across from Levinzon 2 From the village Varmut Grain Merchant
Ginzburg Nisan and wife and 3 daughters and son Next to Vinik 6 Restaurant
Glezer Isaac, wife, daughter (nickname Teigachtz) Broyda St. 3 Beverage Store
Glezer Eli and wife and son and daughter Broyda St. 4 Beverage Store
Glezer Yacov and wife Baska (daughter of Alter German), daughter, and mother of Yacov Broyda St 4 Store
Glezer Sa'adya, wife Pesel, and two sons Broyda St. 4 Fabric Store
Glotzerman Avraham and wife Beila and her sister, a daughter and 3 sons Next to "Kadisha" Synagogue 7 Labor foreman by Vinik - making roads
Glotzerman Elimelech and wife Chana, son Shlomo, son Shimcha, daughter Mera and another daughter Seltzer 6 Worked in the mill by Makransky
Glotzerman (daughter of Nachum Yudel) 2 sons and a daughter  3 May St. 4  
Goldberg Icheh (Yitzchak) (son of Yisrael and Yenta), and wife Sonia (born Lubashevski), son Mordechai and another son Yacov Tzerkovna 4  
Goldberg Icheh-Hershel and wife and 2 daughters Next to "Kadisha" Synagogue 4 Butcher
Goldberg Hershel and wife Rivka (born Grosman) and 4 sons: Aharaon, Shimshon, Yosef, Moshe   6 Nickname Shtreialach
Goldberg Yisrael and wife (daughter of Shlomo Bokshtein), daughter Feigel, son Henek and another 3 daughters Corner of Shernetzel St. and 3 May St. 7 Buyer of flax
Goldberg Leibe (son of Yisrael and Yenta) and wife and 3 children Next to Burgman 5  
Goldberg Mordechai and wife Sheina, daughter Feigel, daughter Leah, son Shmuel-David Broyda St. 5 Butcher
Goldberg Moshe-Aharon, wife Chaya, daughter Leah Olner next to Tuchman 3  
Goldberg Pincheh and wife and sister of Pincheh, Gitel, son Yacov, son David, son Chaim, daughter Malka Cemetery St. 7  
Goldfein Shmuel Close to the bridge 1 Flourmill owner
Goldshtein  Zuna and wife Broyda St. 2 Tailor
Gordon Widow, son Benyamin, daughter and her husband and 2 daughters Next to Ashman 6 From the village Hodetzia
Gorodetzki Nachum and wife and child Next to Vinik 3 Electrical engineer
Gostovski Moshe and wife, son David and another 3 sons Market place 6 Harness/leather
Greenberg Avraham, wife Rivka, 3 daughters: Feigel, Mushka, Dova, and son Leibel Olner 6 tailor
Greenberg Shmuel and wife Ester Rachel (born Smorovitzki) and 2 sons: Aharon and Moshe Across from the "Talmud Torah" 4 Kiosk selling newpapaers
Greenvald Rasha and daughter Sonia and son Feivel (pharmacy) Across from Cemetery St. 3  
Greivski Eitzel, Chashka, and another sister Shrentzel 3 worked in lime factory
Greivski Feivel, wife Chava (daughter of Rachel Geler) and son Olner with Rachel Geler 3 worked in lime factory
Grosman Eliyahu (nickname Streialach) and wife Near second bridge  2 store
Guberman Yichiel and wife and 2 children Next to Michael Friedman's home 4 owner of a warehouse of rags
Guberman Yosef and wife and son Yitzel and son Avramel and David Next to fire station 5  
Guberman Shmuel and wife and daughter and mother Next to fire station 4 owner of a warehouse of rags
Haidemak Moshe and wife and son Dov and 2 daughters In Shlomo the Shochet's house 5 store
Halperin Ester and daughter Vichna, daughter Elka, daughter Roza and her husband and daughter Sonia and son Kalman   7 village - Lisotzitz
Halperin Yisrael and Golda, son Fishel-Leib, daughter Otka, son Avraham   5 village - Nivka
Kabren Avraham Yehoshua and wife Tzerkovna 2 Store for metal
Kabren Benyamin, wife, a son Gershon and daughter (from the village of Pishke) Market place next to Niselboim 4 Shoemaker
Kabren Yehoshua (son of Benyamin), his wife Gitel (born Kleiman) and child Market place next to Niselboim 3 Shoemaker
Kagan Avigdor, wife and daughter Chaya and 2 children Across from Shernetzel 5 Glazier
Kagan Bobke, daughter, her husband and 2 children Cemetery St. 5  
Kagan Baruch-Yacov and wife Chana-Tzviya Across from Guberman 2 Shoemaker
Kagan David, wife and daughter Across from Shrentzel 3 Wife was seamstress
Kagan Zalman and wife and 2 daughters Across from Guberman 4 sticher / sewer
Kagan Chinka, daughter Chaya, her husband and 2 children Across from Greenberg 5  
Kagan Yoel Mordechai, wife Ester and daughters Frida, Sara, Tzirel Next to second bridge  5 Shoemaker
Kagan Yosef and wife Devora (Berkovitz) and son Hillel Across from the wood mill 3  
Kagan Yechiel-Moshe, wife Chava, daughters Feigel, Bailtza & sons Asher & Menasheh Next to Arye Bokshtein 6 tailor
Kagan Yisrael, wife and daughters Doba & Machla 3 May St. 4  
Kagan Mendel, wife Chana (daughter of Shimon Friedenberg) and daughter Sherntzel lived with Friedenberg 3 Wagon owner
Kagan Moshe, wife Rasha, a son and a daughter Cemetery St. 4 Store
Kagan Shulim, wife Elka born Siminovski and daughter Tzirelah   3  
Kagan Shaimah, wife Kaileh, sons Betzalel & Itzik and daughter Ytka Next to Feingold 5  
Kaganski Berel Leib, his wife, sons Yosef & Avraham, daughter Shoshana & her son Shkolna across from the "Tarbut" school 6 Store in the market place
Kamintzki David, his wife and 2 daughters Across from the Talmud Torah 4 Carpenter 
Kamintzki Cheitzah (widow of Yosef who was killed in the Regiment in  1939), & daughters Ester &  Yosefa Olner; lived in Tuchman's house 4  
Kamintzki Shaul, wife Zlata and daughters Bracha & Chaya Pruzany St. next to the Synagogue 4 A kiosk in the market place for baked goods 
Kamintzki Shlomo, wife Sara, 2 sons and a daughter Lived in the courtyard of the fire staion 5 Locksmith  fixed bicycles
Kantor Avraham and brother Berel   2 Hired tailors
Kaplan Isser (widower), daughters Meiteh & Gitel & Gitel's husband Chaim Olner 4 Cultivated lands
Kaplan Chava, widow, mother of Leibel and Sheindel Blumshtein 3 May St. 1  
Kaplan Yehoshua, wife Elka (Midwife), daughter Mina and son Volek Post office St. 4 Yehoshua worked in the bank
Kaplan Leibl, wife Etel (daughter of Zlata Subinski) & daughter Olner; lived with Zlata Subinski 3 Music teacher
Kaplan Mordechai, daughters Michla & Reva, sons Mendel & Avramel,his 2nd wife Freidel & a mutual daughter  Tzerkovna on left corner  7 Bakery
Kaplan Moshe, wife Zlatkeh, daughter Teibel, sons Avraham & Yirachmiel Tzerkovna 5 Bicycle Store
Kaplan From the town of Pruzany, 2 daughters, a son-in-law and a son of one of the daughters Next to the Regiment 5 Grocery store
Kaplan Fishel, his wife, a daughter and aunt Chana Maleicheh Olner 4  
Kaplan Tzipa (daughter of Icheh Lisker), daughter Teibel and 2 sons.  Her husband Leibel was sent to Russian and he died there Shrentzel, lived with father, Icheh Lisker 4 Leibel transported merchandise from Baronovitz
Karpel Moshe, his wife Chinka (born German) and daughters Rachel & Tzipora Next to Bavitz 4 Store for leather / animal hides 
Karshinski The teacher (who was a son-in-law of Chaim Aryeh Burgman),his wife & a daughter Across from the synagogue 3 Teacher
Karsik Velvel, his wife (daughter of Yosef Krinski) and 2 daughters Sobinski next to Kravitz 4 Store
Kasirski Chanon, wife Bashke, daughters Leah & Tzipora and son Avigdor Across from the wood mill 5 Grain merchant
Kasirski Feigeh (widow), son Icheh and daughter married to Beinish Bavitz St. 4 Grain merchant
Kava Yacov, his wife, a daughter and a son 3 May St. 4 Upholstery
Kelnitzki Yisaschar, wife Chaya, a daughter, 2 sons and Chaya's mother Corner of Zediteva 6 Grocery wholesaler
Kipen Teibel (widow of Moniya the shoemaker), a son and a daughter Shrentzel across from Shlomo Bockshtein's 3  
Kirzhner Yosef and wife (the blind one) 3 May St. next to the bridge 2  
Kirzhner Yosef, his wife, son Yeshayau and a daughter 3 May St. next to the bridge 4 Tailor
Kirzhner Moshe, wife Toiba and daughters Mara and Chaya 3 May St. next to the bridge 4 Tailor
Kirzhner Nachum, wife Bashka, 3 sons and a daughter Next to Hershel Goldberg 6 Tailor
Kleiman Yosef Aharon, wife Fruma and daughters Freitzka & Risha Across from the fire station 4 Wooden house builder
Kleiman Mordechai and wife Risha Pruzany St. across from the Synagogue 2 Wooden house builder
Kleiman  Avraham Yitzchak, wife Rachel, daughters Henia & Risha, and sons Shlomo, Shalom, Mairim & Yosef Pruzany St. across from the Synagogue 8 Hat maker
Kobrinski Shimon, brother Moshe, his wife (born Feigelman) Lived in Glutzerman's home; next to the "Kadishai" synagogue 3 Shimon worked in clay factory; Moshe was a hired shoemaker
Kolishevski Zusha, wife Leah (daughter of Nachman Fridman) Cemetery St.; lived in father's home -Fishel Kolishevski 2 Zusha was a hired shoemaker
Kolishevski Fishel, wife Reva  and son Hertzl Cemetery St. 3 Tailor
Kolodener Efraim, wife Gitel, 3 daughters Nechama, Ester & Leba and son Shaul Shkolna next to the government public school 6  
Kolodeni Israel, his wife Sima (daughter of Asher Bukshtein), a son and 2 daughters Broida St. 5 Horse and fruit merchant
Kopriansi Fruma (widow) and sons Shmuel and Rafael Cemetery St. 3 Candy store next to the fire station
Kos Yacov, a daughter with her husband and 2 daughters Shatz (sidestreet) 5 Yacov used to grind flour in the flourmill
Kosovski Wife ( who came from Bluden) and daughter Choma Market Place 2 Grocery Store
Kosovski Tzemach, his wife Teibel (born Roterman), a son and Tzemach's sister Lived in the Roterman's home 4 Grain merchant
Kovel Berel, his wife Veleh, sons Yosef, Shayeh, Zundel, Yacov, and daughter Rivka Corner of Demetery St. 7 Blacksmith
Kovel Moshe, wife Beilkeh (born Chesler) and son Pruzhany St. in the home of Rotka 3 Fixed bicycles
Kovel Pinya and wife Basha (born Ravnitzki), sons Moshe & Noach and daughter Etka Post office St. 5 Metal worker and blacksmith
Kravchik Eli and wife (from Shereshov) Broida 2 Hat maker
Kravchik Berel and wife (from Shereshov) Broida 2 Hat maker
Kravelnik Hershel, wife Liza, son David, daughters Ester & Paula & Paula's husband and son Across from Vinik 7 Lumber merchant
Kravich Yacov, wife Bluma, daughter Teibel and her husband and son Broida 5 Harness maker
Kravitz Feivel, wife Michla (daughter of Michael Dratzinski) and daughters Leah, Sara & Belah Sobinski 5 Fabric store
Kravtzik Leizer Perel, daughters Rivka & Reizel (from 1st wife).  Daughter Miriam, sons Israe-Chaim & Asher (from 2nd wife). Pruzany corner of Shkolna 7 Fish Merchant
Krinski Yosef, his wife, and sons Shimcha, Sana and Isaac Market place next to the "Kadishai" Synagogue 5 Store for leather 
Krinski Israel, his wife, a daughter and a son Next to bridges # 1 and # 2 4 Shoemaker
Krinski Shlomo, his wife, 2 sons and 3 daughters Tavolitzki 7 Shoemaker
Krinski Shmuel (Beinishy's), his wife, 2 sons and 3 daughters Shkolna across from the "Tarbut" school 7 Tailor
Krolitzki Hillel (widower), daughter Choma, her husband and a daughter Shrentzel 4 Transport merchandise on horse back from Brest
Krolitzki Widow Rikel (sister of Hillel) and son Idel 3 May St. 2 Grocery Store
Kronik Ashke (widow of Zelig), and daughters Ester and Sara Next to Berel Kovel 3  
Kropchitzki Asher, wife Bobel (daughter of Golda Lispozhnik) a son and a daughter Olner next to Yosef Simcha Epshtein 4 Tailor
Kushtzich Yitzchak, his wife O'nyota, son Betzalel and a daughter Olner; lived in David Pomerantz's house 4