Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto -  Chaikin to Friedman
Surname First Names Where they lived Number in Family Remarks
Chariski Eliyahu, wife and daughter Sonia (from the village of Nevka) Lived in Yehuda Potek's home 3  
Chemerinski Zeidel, his wife and 2 children Before the town 4  
Chemerinski Meir Before the town 1  
Cherli Shaul, wife Sharaka (daughter of Bokshtein ), and daughter Tzarina Lived in Chaikin's home on Shrentzel St. 3  
Chomski Hillel, wife, daughter Chashka and son Pinchas Seltzer 4 Fruit merchant
Chomski Chana (wife of Yosef), son Meir and daughter Tzipora Market place across from Berman 3  
Chomski Yehuda, wife and 3 children Seltzer 5 Buyer of grain
Dantzig Leibe and wife Michla and daughter Leah Next to the regiment 3  
Denenberg Hershel and wife and son Yosef, daughter Zelda and another 2 daughters To the left 6 Shoemaker & Roof fixer
Derechinski Eliyahu, his wife Sheina (born Dubovski and 2 daughters Olner on top of Vianshtein 4 Carpenter 
Derechinski Michael, his wife Dvosha born Tuchman Olner on top of Vianshtein 2 Buyer of butter and chickens 
Derechinski Meilach, his wife Freidel, son Baruch and daughters Feigel & Chayche Olner on top of Vianshtein 5 Fabric store
Ditkovitz Aharon and wife Shifra and 2 daughters 3 May St. 4 Painter
Ditkovitz Nachum Icheh and wife and daughter Beilche 3 May St 3 Metal worker 
Ditkovitz Shmuel and wife Chana (daughter of Berl Kravtzik) and son Broyda St. in Berel Kravtzik's home 3 Painter
Drogochinski Shaul, and wife Chaya Eshke, son Leibel and son Feivel and daughter Sheina and daughter Bashe Olner next to Potek 6 Tranports lime in a wagon from Lioishki to Bluden
Druker Leibe and wife Rashe, son Yitzchak, daughter Peshka and another daughter Olner, lived in Yosha's house 5 Tranports lime in a wagon from Lioishki to Bluden
Dubinski Ester (widow), 3 sons: Moshe, Pinchas, and Tzvi , 2 daughters: Fruma and Breina Olner - daughter of Yosha the wagon owner 6 Store
Dubovski Avraham and wife Zeditever St. next to Niselboim 2 Buyer of fish and Chickens
Dulgin Nachman and wife Freida and son Yehuda and son Leibel and daughter Eitka Near second bridge 5 Blacksmith
Egolnik Archik & wife & son and daughter Market place next to Vineshtein 4  
Egos Henya (widow), 2 sons Michel and Chaim Olner St. 3  
Eidelsberg David & 2 daughters, one married and husband Across from the "Keserketin" 4 Bakery
Eidelshtein Arniel & wife Chaya and daughter Next to post office 3 Brick factory
Eizenberg Mairim & daughter and husband Eliyahu, and 2 sons Market place  5 Beverage store
Eizenshtein Achsah, son Losia (Lawyer) & wife & son Market place 4 Fabric store
Eizenshtein David, his wife Beltshe, son Mendel and daughter Olner next to Fisher 4  
Eizenshtein Chananyah, his wife Bobel, daughter Neomi; Rivka daughter of Chananyah and her husband Ytzke, and 2 sons Market place 7 store
Eizenshtein Yirachmiel, his wife Rachel, son Idel and 3 daughters Next to Alexandrovski 6  
Eizenshtein Max, his wife Sarah (from the family Yudelovski) and daughter Zeditevah 3  
Eizenshtein Moshe (son inlaw of Volovelski) & wife Pamatza, son Benyamin & mother inlaw wife of Volovelski)  In the route  by Volovelski 4  
Elberg Yosef & wife Ytka and daughter Across from Shlosberg 3 Barber
Elberg Moshe Next to Shlosberg 1 Builder of wooden houses
Elman Aharon Shmuel & wife &  daughter Neche & her husband Shlomo & 2 daughters Next to first bridge 6 shoemaker
Engel Mushke (daughter of Arkeh Pomerantz) & husband & daughter Chana Next to first bridge 3 kiosk
Epelboim Chana (Miyasevitz), daughter Mariasha, daughter Chumah Berezman House 3  
Epelboim Yehuda and wife and son Olner next to Shapira 3  
Epshtein Gabriel and wife Shkolna 2 Glazier
Epshtein Zalman and wife Next to Voloveski 2 Carpenter
Epshtein Zalman and sister   2 Carpenter
Epshtein Chaim and wife Reizel, daughter Rivka, daughter Leah   4 Shoemaker
Epshtein Yehoshua & wife, daughter  Leah & 3 sons Next to Volovelski 6 Carpenter
Epshtein Yosef-Shimcha and wife Chana and son Kalman. Daughter Libe Olner 4 Shoemaker
Epshtein Leibel & wife Rachel born Potak Olner 2 carpenter
Epshtein Moshe-Eli and wife Tzviyah (born Suvinski) Olner 2 carpenter
Epshtein Feigel and husband and 2 children By Goldfein near to second bridge 4 daughter of Shimon from the village of Oo'lian
Epshtein Shmuel and wife Dina and 3 daughters Next to Voloveski 5 Grocery store
Epshtein Shimcha, wife Pola, son Moshe and daughter Next to Woodmill 4 Flourmill
Falatkovski Avramchik,wife Henia Leah and daughters Aidel & Reitza Cemetery St 4  
Falatkovski Yosef, wife Chasia, son Hershel and daughter Mechla Across from Goldfein 4 Carpenter 
Feigelman Berel, wife and son Kalman   3 Shames (Synagogue Sextant) in the Big Synagogue
Feigenblat David, his wife, his mother-in-law Freida and daughters Sara, Shoshana & another daughter Across from Levinzon 5 Fabric merchant
Feingold Sender, his wife Libchah, 2 daughters and a son Close to the post office 5 Worked in the Sid factory
Feldman Chaim, a daughter Feigel, her husband and a son Olner 5 Tailor
Finkel Widow, a married daughter, her husband and son Next to the Post Office 4 Grocery Store
Fishels Shmuel and wife Lived in Shlomo the Shochet's home 2 Shochet
Fisher Yitzchak, wife Chana Rachel, daughters Nechama and Liba Olner 4  
Fishman Widow Velya, a son Leibel and a daughter Manya (Polonskerkah) Shkolna next to the "Tarbut" School 3  
Frenkel Widow Rachel, sons David & Eliyahu, daughter Sara and another daughter 3 May St. across from Exman 5  
Frenkel Widow Vera(Berezman), son Menachem and another son Across from the fire station 3 Store for writing materials
Frenkel Paula and her husband Lived in Eliezer Neiman's home 2 Paula was a dentist
Friedenberg Yacov, his wife Eitka, son Leibel and daughter Heinda Shrentzel 4 Tailor
Friedenberg Mutieh, his wife (daughter of Chinka Kagan) and 2 sons Lived with Kagan (who was across from Greenberg) 4  
Friedenberg Shimon (nickname Chipuk )and wife Sara Menucha Shrentzel 2 Sold fruit
Friedenshtein Benyamin, his wife Eta (daughter of Feigel Geler) and a daughter Lived with Geler 3 Worked in the forest
Friedenshtein Yacov Asher, wife Rachel (born Goldberg), son Shimcha & daughter Freidel (Orphan) Corner of Tabolitzki 4 Lumber merchant
Friedenshtein Moshe (son of Yacov Asher and Rakhel), wife Leah and a son 3 May St. across from Exman 3  
Friedman Avraham, wife, daughter Leah, her husband and a daughter of Leah End of road next to Bridge #2 5  
Friedman Icheh, his wife and 2 daughters Market Place across from Serlin 4  
Friedman Widow of Yosef Reuven and sons Shalom & Hershel Shatz St. 3  
Friedman Alter (his children), daughters Ester, Sheprintza, Sulki & son Shmuel 3 May St. 4  
Friedman David (Bolshevik), wife Reizel, daughters Cherna, Sheindel, Ester & sons: Shmuel, Shimon, Naftali, Moshe, Avraham, Chaim Aryeh, his wife Feigel and son Berel 3 May St 14 Builder of wooden houses
Friedman David (son of Yosef Reuben), wife Michla, 4 daughters and a son Shatz St. 7  
Friedman Hershel, wife Blumka (daughter of Modish Galperin) and 2 sons Lived in Chaya Etel Biltzik's home 4 Fixed bicycles
Friedman Yosef, his wife and son Kalman Across from Sima Shtoker 3 Blacksmith
Friedman Michael, his wife and daughters Otka, Rachel & Tzipora Near the post office 5 Son of Yosef Reuben
Friedman Moshe (son of Yosef) and wife (daughter of Benyamin Kobrin) Market place; lived with Kobrin 2 Blacksmith
Friedman Nachum Iche (widower) and daughter Sheindel Cemetery road 2 Carpenter
Friedman Nachman, his wife and daughters Zlatka, Feigel, Chana & Henia and son Yosef Cemetery road 7  
Friedman Fridel widow and son Pruzany St. across from Biltzik 2 Glazier
Friedman Sheina Breina, a daughter Henia, her husband and 2 daughters Next to bridge #2 5 Brought chickens and fish
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