Names Of Those Who Perished In The Ghetto - Aharonovitz - Bukshtein
Surname First Names Where they lived Number in Family Remarks
Aharonovitz Yisaschar and wife and 2 daughters and mother and sisters of Yisaschar   6  
Alexandrovski Moshe, his wife Chaya born Goldberg, daughter Ritza & husband & daughter Next to the "Chassidim Shtibel" (small synagogue) 5 knowledge of medicine
Alperin Ben Tzion wife Miriam, sons Avraham and Menachem Across from Zaltzman 4 tailor .
Alperin Yirachmiel, wife Etel, daughter Batya & daughter Across from Zaltzman 4 sticher /sewer
Alperin Mushke widower & son Asher Olner next to Epshtein 2  
Altman Meita daughter of Chemah, wagon owner Next to firemen 1  
Ashman Aharon and wife  Opposite the Woodmill 2  
Ashman Yacov and wife Paya (born Seltzski) and 2 sons and a daughter Next to the militar regiment  by Seltzski 5 photographer
Ashman Shalom and wife Opposite the Woodmill 2 photographer
Balgalei Leibel and wife Rachel and son (son inlaw of Yachnah Vershavski) Across from the public bath house 3 carpenter
Barkleid Zelig, wife Chana (born Polak) and mother of Zelig Behind the regiment next to the brick factory 3 In charge of the workshop of the bricks
Barkleid Yosef and wife and 2 sons and 2 sisters of Yosef: Peitza and Rachel Next to Yehuda Potek 6 Locksmith
Barnitzki Ester and her husband Market place next to Naidos 2  
Batlai Yacov and wife Feitza (daughter of Mordechai Vinik) and daughter Olner (with Mordechai Vinik) 3  
Bavitz widow of Yisaschar Next to Riterman 1 Pharmacy
Bayiar Avraham and sister and mother Public house 3 shoemaker (employee)
Bayiar Eliezer, wife Rachel daughter of Rasheh Tzerkovna 3 tailor
Bayiar Chaim and wife and son  Tzerkovna 3 tailor
Bayiar Yosef, wife Chashke, daughter Tzina, daughter Fruma, and son Yosef Aharon Shkolna across from the "Tarbut" School 5 Carpenter
Bayiar Mendel and wife and 3 daughters and son Shkolna across from the "Tarbut" School 6 tailor
Beizer Fishel and wife and son Leibl Public house 3 Forest laborer
Beker Pesach and sister Freitzel from Otvotzk Lived with Chaim-Zelig Blyacher  2  
Berelem Motel and wife Ester and daughter Peshka and another daughter Olner aside Yehuda Tuchman's house 4 Sold comestibles in the market place
Berezman Yehoshua and wife Ester and daughter Leah and son Benyamin   4  
Berezman Moshe and wife Berta and son Siyuma and daughter Ida Across from Tebulitzki 4  
Berkovitz Motel and wife Pesel and son Leibel Pruzhany St.  3 grain merchant
Berkovitz Peishke and wife and daughter Vichna and son David and another 2 daughters Post office St. 6 blacksmith
Berman Avramel Public house 1 shoemaker empolyee
Berman Tubah (widow), son Nachum and wife and daughter Public house 4  
Berman Yeshayahu and wife Miriam and 2 daughters and mother of Miriam Public house 5 worked in the cemetery
Berman Leizer son of Malka, brother of Devora Rappaport Across from Greenberg 1 electrician
Berman Meir and sister Devora Across from Greenberg 2 shoemaker empolyee
Berman Rivka (widow of Motiya) and daughter Market place 2  
Bilchik Eliyahu-Yosef and wife Sara Elka and daughter Liba Pruzhany St. next to the synagogue 3  
Bilchik Chaya-Etel, widow and daughter Chana Next to Zaltzman 2 General Store
Bilchik Feivel and wife Bracha and daughter Shifra Tabolitzki 3  
Bilchik Shleimka and wife Sara born Kolishevski Tabolitzki 2 carpenter
Blum and wife and 2 daughters and son and mother 3 May St. 6 Store
Blumshtein Chana-Musha from Lineve In Greenvald house 1  
Blumshtein Shoika and wife Sima (daughter of Pelek Rashinski) and daughter In Pelek Rashinski's house 3  
Blumshtein Shleimka and wife Sheindel and 2 daughters Peshke and Chuma 3 May St. next to Mendel Ravitz 4 Store for writing materials
Blyacher Chinka (widow, from Kosovo) and daughter Malka Next to Chaim Epshtein 2  
Blyacher Chaim-Zelig and wife Next to Zubinski 2 tailor
Blyakher Yitzchak and wife Bluma and son and daughter Shrentzel St. 4 shoemaker
Boreisho Efraim and wife Dovka Bavitz St 2 sold lottery tickets
Boreisho Leiba and wife and 2 sons Post office St. 4 blacksmith
Braverman Widow of Efraim, son Chaim, son Meir, daughter Tzviah and another daughter Olner, next to Fisher 5 Harness/leather
Braverman Henia (widow of Yantze), son Nisan and grandmother Leah Bluma Across from woodmill 3  
Braverman Meir and wife and son Leibl and Tovah 3 May St. 4 Bakery
Brazovski Henia (widow of Yehuda the teacher) and daughter Hodes Across from Shlosberg 2  
Brazovski Ruben and wife Leah Across from Shlosberg 2 carpenter empolyee
Brazovski (Shameche) and daughter Next to Levinzon 2  
Brendel Leibel (Koshes) and wife Bracha and 3 sons and 2 daughters and mother   8 barber
Broida Chaim and wife Mirl (born Langer) Across from Volovelski 2  
Broida Yisrael and wife and 3 daughters and son inlaw Across from Volovelski 6 Grocery store
Broida Leibel, his wife Rachel and son Shalom and daughter Bashke and her husband Ferd "town" next to the river 5 shoemaker
Broida Mendel & wife and mother. The son of Shlomo Chassid(of blessed memory)   Broyda St. 3 Restaurant
Bronshtein Asher and wife Chasha Tabulitzki 2 sewing shop
Buchalter Hirshel, wife Bobel and son Kalman Close the to "Kadisha" Synagogue 3 Butcher
Buchalter Yosef and wife and son Tuviah, daughter Keila, son Mayer, son Yitzchak Seltzer St. 6 Butcher
Buchalter Meir and wife Elka and 2 daughters and son Kalman Shrentzel St. 5 Fabric store
Buchalter Feivel and wife Mushke, son Leibl and son and daughter Seltzer St. 5 Butcher
Bukshtein Ytzel and wife (daughter of Yacov Itcheh Druker who lives in Mordechai Zakheim's house) Corner of Shernetzel 2 Horse merchant
Bukshtein Alter (windower) Shrentzel St. 1  
Bukshtein Aryeh and wife Yocha and 5 daughters; Plata, Hodka, Sarah'ka, Pereleh, Mirel Next to Zaltzman 7 Soda Factory
Bukshtein Asher, wife Henya Broyda St. 2  
Bukshtein David and wife and son Sheimah and son Avraham, and 2 sons and daughter Across from Greenberg 7 Butcher
Bukshtein Zona, wife Bashke and daughter Baile and son Nota Next to Volovelski 4 shoemaker
Bukshtein Chaim ( son of Alter) Shrentzel St. 1  
Bukshtein Tuviah, wife Sara and 2 daughters (son of Alter) Shrentzel St. 4 Horse merchant
Bukshtein Yitzchak, wife Hinda (born Galperin), and daughters Roza, Chinka, son Yosef "Pherd" town 5 shoemaker
Bukshtein Pesach, wife Sara (born Chesler), son Moshe and 2 daughters Next to Shtuker Sima 5 Horse merchant
Bukshtein Pesach and wife and 2 children (son of Shlomo) Next to  Gershon Naidos 4 Butcher
Bukshtein Shlomo and wife Next to Gershon Naidos 4 Butcher
Bukshtein Widow of Yehuda and 2 daughters Next to Naidos Gershon 3 Butcher shop
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