People From BEREZA Who Died In The Line Of Duty Fighting The Nazis
These are the children of Kartuz Bereza that fell during WWII in battles as Partizans or as soldiers in the Russian or Polish armies.
Aharonovitz  Yacov Son of Yissascar Partizans
Berezman  Shalom Son of Yehoshua Polish Army 1939
Berkovitz  Donya Son of Devora, brother of Leah Partizans, 1942 in the conquest of Kosova
Bokshtein  Berel Son of Eliyahu Motiah Russian Army
Braverman  Pinchas Son of Yacov Polish Army 1939
Charisky  Avraham From the village of Nivka Russian Army
Eizenshtein  Yudel Son of Yirachmiel and Rachel Polish Army 1939
Friedman  Hershel Son of Nachman Polish Army 1939
Friedman  Nachum Son of Avraham Partizans
Goldberg  Yitzchak Son of Moshe Aharon and Chaya Russian Army
Greenvald  Yacov Son of Rasha Polish Army 1939
Kagan  Shalom (Shulim) Son of Yisrael Polish Army 1939
Kolodner  Eliezer Son of Ephraim Partizans
Konotofsky  Alter From the village of Sporva Partizans 1942
Kravitz  Tuviya Son of Fievel In the war 1939
Krinsky  Feigel Daughter of Yisrael Partizans
Lenger  Kalman Son of Shabtai (Shepsel) Polish Army 1939
Minkovsky  Yirachmiel Son inlaw of Arkeh Pomeranitz Partizans
Tuchman  Masha Daughter of Yehuda and Bashka Partizans


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