Before WWII

During construction of Powshechne synagogue
Ha'Shomer Ha'Tzair During 1926
Ha'Rav Aaron Shmuel (Tamares)
Ha' Ahadud Group

Malecz Survivors in Feldofing Camp During a Memorial


Kahal Ballot, Malecz, Selcz and Bereza

Malech in Year 2002


Malech in Year 2005

Street scenes I
Street scenes II
Street scenes III
Street scenes IV
Street scenes V
Street scenes VI
Street scenes VII
Street scenes VIII
War Memorials
Elderly lady at war memorial (not Jewish) but knew many Jews but no Maletz
Catholic church
Monument in memorial small park with small memorial stones in a circle
Very old lady we talked to and were invited into her house with Zvi Mann fromIsrael and our Guide



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